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Creative Packaging Types of Materials


Corrugated board is available in many different paper combinations and flutes, the most appropriate combination is determined from our technical sales and design team’s understanding of your product and the associated supply chain that your product goes through, this would include all aspects of the products palletising, storage, transport and distribution requirements. Again, dependant on your product application, we can use either recycled or kraft papers for your corrugated packaging solution. Our aim is to ensure your packaging is well protected, whilst not costing the earth.

To give you an understanding of the different flutes that are available, we have listed the standard flute types that are available through Creative Packaging.

Single Face Corrugated Cardboard  Approx. thickness 3.0 mm

Creative Packaging Materials single face

Used for single face rolls or divider pads. The single face product is mainly used for protection in wrapping those awkwardly shaped items.


F Flute   Approx. thickness 1.0 mm

Creative Packaging Materials F flute

Used for display packaging. Often used with litho laminated high graphically printed cartons, where print quality and presentation is paramount. Also referred to as microflute.


E Flute   Approx. thickness 1.5 mm

Creative Packaging Materials E flute

Used for display packaging. E flute is thicker than F flute, and can be used where slightly more product support is required.


B Flute   Approx. thickness 3 mm

Creative Packaging Materials B flute

B flute is the second most commonly used flute. It has a higher puncture resistance than other flutes, and will consume less space on a pallet load than bigger flutes due to the reduced wall thickness. This flute is used for self supporting products as well as being used extensively for die-cut cartons, including high speed wrap-around cartons.


C Flute   Approx. thickness 4 mm

Creative Packaging Materials C flute

C flute is the most commonly used flute, it has a higher stacking strength than other flutes. This flute is mainly used where the product is not self supporting and requires the carton to provide the vertical support.


BC Flute   Approx. thickness 6-7 mm

Creative Packaging Materials BC flute

BC flute is used for those heavier applications, where the product maybe bulky or carry some weight that requires a higher degree of protection. This flute has both excellent stacking and puncture resistance.


AC Flute   Approx. thickness 9 mm

Creative Packaging Materials AC flute

Similar to BC flute, AC flute is for heavier applications where additional strength is required. Often this flute is used for pallet bins, and other industrial heavy duty applications.


ACC Flute   Approx. thickness 15 mm

Creative Packaging Materials ACC flute

ACC flute is often referred to as tri-wall and is used extensively in the produce market for carrying bulk pallet loads of fruit and vegetables. This flute is also used for packing large industrial machinery, especially where maximum product protection is required during distribution.