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Design and functionality of the packaging for your product is paramount. We understand that if we get it right we will both benefit, that’s why we have built up strong in-house design capabilities not only from a highly experienced design team, but through decades of industry experience; knowing what works and pro-actively offering alternate solutions.

We will work with you to develop the best and most cost effective packaging solution for your product. Full service capabilities from initial contact to final delivery cognitive of functionality, image, freight and overall supply chain efficiencies is what we do.

A mix of the best technology as well as the practical “Fit for Purpose” outcome.



Good information in, results in good product out. The dimensions of a box are based on the opening of an assembled box.

The opening of a box is a rectangle; having two sets of parallel sides. The longer side is the length, the short is the width and the perpendicular side is the depth (internationally known as length, width and height). Boxes can be measured two ways providing either internal or external.

Internal dimensions of the box must be accurate in order to ensure proper fit of the product. External dimensions of the boxes are required mainly for palletizing and distributing the final boxed product.

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